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Special 14k Enamel Cats & Critters page
These cat pieces are not flat, but very dimensional. and are made in 14k or 18k gold. Chains are for illustration purposes only. We do not sell chain.
14k gold enamel Slack signature kittens.  Chains are for illustration purposes only. We do not sell chain.  Size measurements are longest dimension.
Enamel 14k Black & White kitten pendant
67XB Black & White Cat 67XC Calico Cat 67XT Tiger Cat (Tabby)
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The above gold kitten jewelry pendants are epoxy enamel and 14k gold. It is a low temperature enamel and not as prone to chipping as ceramic enamel.  

Because of the hand work involved, each piece is  one-of-a-kind and is typical of the detail  found in Mr. Slack's artistic gold cat carvings. The "hang in there baby" theme is perfectly captured with all the feline kitten qualities that make cat lovers smile. It is a treatment found on all the animal jewelry carved by Mr. Slack from cat pendants, to cat earrings, cat bracelets, and cat rings. This whimsy is found in all his wild animal jewelry as well.