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This is a collection of King Tut (Tutankhamun) Egyptian gold jewelry pendants that Mr. Slack specially created to celebrate the Egyptian exhibit presently on tour. 

These are the more well known Egyptian gods and goddesses, as well as a pendant of the Boy King Tut's burial mask without which no Egyptian collection would be complete. None of these pieces are light, hence suitable only for those who can wear heavier jewelry, and  particularly #122 Selket is completely solid.

 117 King Tut

(actual size 2")   

119  Goddess Selket 

(actual size 2.25")

122  Goddess Selket 

(actual size 2")

This piece is only for those who can wear heavier pendants, as it is not hollow, but a solid 3 dimensions.



124  Heh- God of Eternity

(actual size 1.5")


127 Ankh - Symbol of Life.

(actual size 1.5")


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