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These pieces are not flat, but  3 dimensional. and are made in 14k or 18k gold.
Chains are for illustration purposes only... we do not sell chain.
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     67 Kitten

Emerald eyes
Actual size 1.5 inches

Two 1.5mm Emeralds

Available with sapphire or blue diamond eyes 

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     392 Kitten Pave  

Emerald eyes & diamond belly
Actual size 1.5 inches

Available with sapphire or blue diamond eyes

11 one point diamonds & two 1.5mm emeralds 

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The above gold kitten jewelry pendants are fine examples of the whimsical quality and detail  found in Mr. Slack's artistic gold cat carvings. Both kittens have genuine emerald eyes and the one on the right has a genuine diamond pave belly. The "hang in there baby" theme is perfectly captured with all the feline kitten qualities that make cat lovers smile. It is a treatment found on the preceding pages of cat pendants, cat earrings, cat bracelets, and cat rings. This type of whimsy is also found in his wild animal jewelry.

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