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Gold diamond cat bracelet, frog bracelet and golf bag bracelet
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All kitten and cat designs can be ordered with white diamond eyes, or blue diamond eyes, in addition to emerald, sapphire, or ruby eyes.


  Bracelets made 7 inches.  Can be adjusted in 1/4 to 1 inch increments.
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   1206 Kitten Head Diamond Bracelet   36 emerald eyes, 18 diamonds TW 1.8 carats of diamonds.

     size = 7 inches       (can be adjusted in 3/8 inch increments) 



1213 Gold Frog Bracelet 12 cabochon emerald eyes


1211 Gold Golf bag Bracelet.                


The top gold kitten diamond head bracelet consists of  36 emeralds and 18 ten point diamonds,
while just below it is a gold frog bracelet with 12 cabochon 2mm emeralds. The bottom is a gold golf bag bracelet.


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