COPYRI~1.GIF (276 bytes) Copyrighted jewelry designs of Designs By Slack Inc. 

Boats  4
Chains shown are for illustration purposes only.  Chains are not included.
"Groggy" Derived from a nautical expression meaning a drunk sailor from drinking too much grog (usually rum)


These pendants are also made as pins in either 14k or 18k. Specify figure as male or female
Boat jewelry male windsurfer charm  (2615 bytes) Boat jewelry female windsurfer charm (3013 bytes)
   680  Windsurfer (male) 

   Actual size 1.3 inches

  690  Windsurfer (female)  

Actual size 1.3 inches            

Boat jewelry racing windsurfer (3005 bytes)

    720 Windsurfer Race Actual size 1.5 inches


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