Bird jewelry in fine detail by a sculptor in gold

copyrt.gif (276 bytes)Copyrighted jewelry designs of Designs By Slack Inc. 


Made as pins or pendants. Very 3 dimensional pieces with the sandpiper being a totally solid 3 dimensions. 

These pieces are made in both 14k and 18k gold.
Bird jewelry pendant sandpiper (11736 bytes)

65 Sandpiper 

Actual size 1.25 inches

Also made as dangle earrings

The sandpiper is a 3 dimensional &  solid piece.

Bird jewelry pendant flamingo (6940 bytes)


154 Flamingo 

Actual size 1.75 inches

 Ruby eye and/or diamond in talons


Bird  jewelry pendant duck (12559 bytes)

323 Duck 

Actual size 1.5 inches


803 Penguin

Actual size 1 inch

Pave diamonds and sapphire eye 

19-one point diamonds

Bird  jewelry pendant pelican (3471 bytes)

61 Pelican 

Actual size 1.25 inches 2 pt dia. eye


Bird jewelry pendant parrot (12362 bytes)                

367 Parrot   also made without perch

 Emerald eye. Actual size 2 inches



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