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 Chains shown are for illustration purposes only.  We do not sell chain.
           Animal jewelry a whimsical gold frog pendant (24430 bytes)

           691 Frog  (large)  actual size 2.25 inches

           381 Frog  (small)    actual size 1.2 inches

        Cabachon emerald eyes,  (large frog)

       Cut or cabochon emerald eyes,   (smal frog)

gold frog earrings

251  Frog-thru-Ear (Earrings) 

Stud & jacket cabachon emerald eyes  

actual size 1.25 inches

Animal jewelry Swivel frog

  790 Frog 


    383  Frog Duet


Swivels, made also as a stick pin.                         

Actual size 1.2 inches

                Emerald eyes                                        

Actual size 2.2 inches

Animal jewelry Frog pendant (12074 bytes)

775 Frog 

emerald eyes, actual size 1.75 inches

gold frog bracelet with emerald eyes

1213  Frog Bracelet  Emerald eyes.

6 links = a standard seven inch bracele

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